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-40° to +85° C PC/104 SBC with Dual Ethernet

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux and other x86-compatible RTOSes
Supported Architectures: PC/104, Vortex86DX processor, miniPCI

The PCM-VDX-2 is a highly integrated, PC/104 single board computer (SBC) designed for space-limited and low-power applications. It is a full-featured SBC that includes a 1 GHz Vortex86DX CPU with 512KB of DRAM. I/O support includes two 10/100 Ethernet ports, four USB 2.0 ports with overcurrent protection on each channel, and four COM channels. The PCM-VDX-2 includes the standard PC controllers for IDE hard disks, CompactFlash devices, PS/2 mouse and keyboard controller, LPT and PC/104 expansion connectors all on a single 90mm x 96mm module.

There are 16 bits of TTL-compatible digital I/O with each line individually programmable for input, output, or output with read-back operation. The major feature of the onboard digital I/O controller is its ability to monitor the 16 lines for either rising or falling digital edge transitions, latch them, and then interrupt the host processor notifying it that a change-of-input status has occurred.

There is also a depopulated version of this SBC called the PCM-VDX-1 that is designed to replace legacy 386, 486, and early generation PC/104-compatible Pentium SBCs.

The PCM-VDX has x86 PC software compatibility which assures a wide range of tools to aid in the designer’s application program development and checkout. It supports both the Linux operating system and other real time operating systems.

Its low power dissipation permits fanless operation over a temperature range from -40° to +85°C. This board is well suited for rugged applications requiring excellent processor performance in an embedded PC design.


  • Small size: 90mm x 96mm for space- and powerlimited applications that are environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant
  • Many communication and networking options onboard with four COM channels, four USB 2.0 ports, two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, and miniPCI expansion for ZigBee, 802.11 wireless, and CDMA/GSM/GPRS cell phone
  • Wide, industrial temperature range standard from -40°C to +85°C without requiring complex and costly cooling solutions
  • Quick Start Kits for software development allows the designer to focus on the application code thereby increasing productivity and reducing time-to-market
  • PC/104-compliant and RoHS compliant


  • 1 GHz Vortex86DX CPU that runs Linux and other x86 compatible RTOSes
  • 512KB of soldered down DDR SDRAM
  • Four USB 2.0 ports with overcurrent protection and four serial ports with FIFOs configured with RS-232/422/485
  • Other I/O includes two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet channels, Ultra DMA controller, 16 digital I/O lines, LPT port, and additional expansion by installing PC/104 I/O modules
  • Extended temperature operation due to low power consumption. For complete details, go to


  • Off-the-shelf product availability
  • Email or call 817.274.7553 for a WinSystems’ Application Engineer


This board is well suited for rugged applications requiring mid-range processor performance in an embedded PC design.

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tele: 817.274.7553
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