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TS-7500 Ultra-Compact 250 MHz AR M9 Computer Module

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux
Supported Architectures: ARM9

The TS-7500 is an ultra-compact embedded computer module based on a 250 MHz ARM9 CPU from Cavium Networks. With 64 MB RAM, 4 MB bootable onboard flash, a microSD card slot, and a 5K LUT programmable FPGA, the TS-7500 is a powerful and flexible embedded solution. The TS-7500 boots Linux 2.6 from onboard flash or SD card in under 3 seconds. 10/100 Ethernet, USB slave, and dual USB host ports are brought out directly. The 44-pin downward-facing header brings out I2C and 31 FPGA-controlled lines, making it easy to interface with a baseboard of your own design. Using under 400 mA at 5 V, a TS-7500 driven product can be fully powered by a USB device cable.

User-Programmable FPGA
The TS-7500 features a 5K LUT Lattice XP2 FPGA. Although loaded by default with a standard bitstream that implements SD card access, GPIO, SPI, and 8 XUART high-performance UARTs, the FPGA can easily be reloaded automatically at startup with a user-programmed bitstream. If your application requires custom real-time logic Technologic Systems can integrate that functionality into a custom TS-7500 FPGA configuration for an elegant and affordable solution. For our customers who prefer to do their own development, Technologic Systems has made available a TS-7500 open-core Verilog project. An alternative FPGA bitstream that implements CAN and SPI is also available.

The TS-7500 Development Kit
The development kit includes the TS-ENC750 enclosure with the TS-752 baseboard. The baseboard demonstrates the power of the TS-7500, implementing relays, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Power over Ethernet, and GPIO signal protection.

Similar Boards Also Available
TS-7550 features a 256 MB ultra-reliable XNAND* drive for a guaranteed successful bootup. Please visit our website for more information on XNAND technology.

TS-7552 features a 256 MB ultra-reliable XNAND* drive, additional USB ports and WiFi option

TS-7553 features a 256 MB ultra-reliable XNAND* drive, Wi-Fi option, and an inexpensive DIN mountable plastic enclosure option.

*for more information on XNAND, see Technologic Systems website



  • Small size (67 mm x 75 mm)
  • Low power (400 mA @ 5 V)
  • Fanless operation from -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Unbrickable, boots from SD or flash
  • Boots Linux 2.6 in less than 3 seconds
  • AppKit includes baseboard and enclosure


  • 250 MHz ARM9 CPU
  • 64 MB DDR-RAM
  • 4 MB NOR flash
  • 5K LUT user-programmable FPGA
  • 1 microSDHC card slot
  • USB 2.0 480 Mbps host (2)
  • USB 2.0 480 Mbps slave (1)
  • 1 10/100 Ethernet
  • 8 TTL UARTs or 3 UARTs and CAN
  • 33 DIO, SPI, and I2C interfaces
  • Watchdog timer
  • Optional battery-backed RTC
  • Power over Ethernet ready

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