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Flash Programmer

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
Supported Power Architectures® (including PowerPC): 4xx, 5xx, 7xx, 603, 8xx, 82xx, 85xx

The OCD Flash Programmer allows in-circuit programming of FLASH memory on a PowerPC target processor board using any Macraigor Systems JTAG connection device. The OCD Flash Programmer supports the most popular FLASH devices from AMD, Atmel, Fujitsu, Intel, Micron, Motorola, SGS/Thomson, Sharp, Silicon Storage Technology,and Toshiba. The OCD Flash Programmer is available in two different configurations:

    1) As a stand-alone application that controls the target using any of the Macraigor connection devices.

    2) As a DLL that can be accessed via the MSDOS command line or DLL method calls. This version of the Flash Programmer is intended for use in a manufacturing or test environment where the customer wants to provide their own, simplified user interface. The product allows custom GUIs or .BAT files to be created that then interface to the flash programming routines. The product includes examples of simple interfaces written in Delphi, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, and as DOS batch files.



  • Easy to use, intuitive graphical interface
  • Supported under Windows and Linux
  • Supports a huge variety of Flash parts. If you don’t see yours, ask us
  • The Batch Flash version can be easily set up for production/testing


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