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FLASH Programming for PowerPC

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows
Supported PowerPC Architectures: PPC440, PPC460, MPC55xx, MPC56xx, SPC56x, e200 Core, MPC551x Dual Core and external FLASHs

FLASH Programming – UDE/MemTool
MemTool is a customizable and standalone component of Universal Debug Engine (UDE) and it is used in automatic/volume production, test systems or for simple evaluation purposes.

UDE integrates high speed FLASH/OTP programming support for internal, external FLASH EPROM’s from AMD, Intel, ATMEL, any other JEDEC-compatible and I2C FLASH. MemTool is only using internal RAM for execution.

UDE MemTool can program FLASH memory devices simultaneously for saving time and optimizing the resource usage in production environments.

All programming functions are available via standard COM automation interfaces. Using these interfaces, the features of MemTool may be integrated into automatic production and test systems or can be executed via scripts.


  • Target communication via JTAG and ASC bootstrap loader
  • Loading Intel Hex and Motorola S-Record files
  • Programming all or selected portions of the file into the memory module
  • Automatic adaptation of data to be programmed to the smallest memory block size by automatic read


  • Host connection via USB 2.0, IEEE1394, Ethernet


  • Microsoft Windows


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Firmware Development, Automatic Production and Test Systems

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