Macraigor Systems LLC


Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Supported Power Architectures® (including PowerPC): 4xx, 5xx, 603, 7xx, 8xx, 5554, 82xx, 85xx

The mpDemon from Macraigor Sytems provides the embedded system developer with a fast, flexible, yet cost-effective JTAG/BDM debugging connection to PowerPC targets. Host connection can be made via Ethernet, parallel port, or serial port. The mpDemon supports multiple devices on the scan chain and automatically senses target voltage down to 1.8V. The mpDemon provides setup menus via either serial or web interface and has built-in support for the GDB Remote protocol, allowing any GDB session to connect to it via Ethernet.

The mpDemon is compatible with Macraigor’s free OCD Commander debugger and free GDB distribution under both Windows and Linux operating systems. Many other third-party debuggers also support the mpDemon. See our web site for a list of debugger partners. The mpDemon can also be used for in-circuit Flash memory programming using the Macraigor OCD Flash Programmer application.


  • Set up and configuration via either serial or web-based user interface
  • Built-in support for GDB Remote protocol
  • Full field upgradeable
  • Automatic detection of target voltage level
  • Long 18” cable for convenient connection to target



  • 10 BaseT Ethernet interface with DHCP support
  • IEEE-1284 parallel port supports all parallel modes
  • RS-232 DCE port supporting baud rates up to 115K
  • BDM/JTAG clock rates up to 16 MHz





Contact Information

Macraigor Systems LLC

227 Cypress Street
Suite 1
Brookline, MA, 02445

tele: 617.739.8693
fax: 617.739.8694


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