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QorIQ™ P4 Communications Platform Series

The QorIQ P4 communications platform series includes two code- and pin-compatible communications processors for embedded networking applications — the flagship P4080 eight-core processor that delivers industry leading performance in the under 30-watt power category, and the four-core P4040 processor that delivers low-power solutions for applications requiring optimal performance in a sub-15-watt power envelope.

Both P4 series processors are manufactured using 45-nm process technology and feature innovative CoreNet™ fabric interconnect technology, a ground-breaking three-tiered cache hierarchy, and 1.5GHz e500mc cores optimized for embedded multicore environments. The processors combine control, datapath and application layer processing, which lowers part counts, reduces system costs and shrinks product footprints. The products also include an embedded hypervisor that provides an efficient solution for secure resource partitioning and efficient virtualization with minimal overhead.


  • Scalable CoreNet on-chip fabric:
    • Provides concurrent, non-blocking, hardware-based 100% cache-coherent platform connectivity
    • Eliminates shared bus contention and supports dramatically higher address issue bandwidth to “feed” multiple cores
  • Enhanced Power Architecture e500mc cores:
    • Scale across a variety of embedded application power budgets
    • Combine good performance (2.3 DMIPS/MHz) with a high operating frequency (up to 1.5 GHz)
    • Support a vast and robust ecosystem of development technologies
  • Three-level cache hierarchy:
    • Power Architecture cores with back-side L2 caches
    • Multiple L3 shared caches (front-side)
    • Multiple memory controllers
    • Performance optimized


  • Datapath Acceleration Architecture incorporating acceleration for the following functions:
    • Packet parsing, classification, and distribution
    • Queue management for scheduling, packet sequencing, and congestion management
    • Hardware Buffer Management for buffer allocation and de-allocation
    • Encryption (SEC 4.0)
    • RegEx Pattern Matching (PME 2.0)
  • Comprehensive ecosystem
    • Makes the transition to multicore environments easier
    • Helps developers preserve the value of legacy software investments


  • Networking/Telecom/Datacom applications such as enterprise and service providers routers, switches, basestation controllers, radio network controllers (RNCs) and LTE wireless infrastructure
  • General-purpose computing in Industrial, Military and Aerospace applications


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