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TRACE32® PowerView

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Vista, Linux, Workstations
Supported PowerPC Architectures: PowerPC, PQ, PQ2, PQ2Pro, PQ3, PPC75x, MPC74xx, MPC5xxx, PWRficient, QorIQ

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) TRACE32-PowerView is a powerful IDE and gives all TRACE32 Tools a common intuitive look and feel as all TRACE32 Tools. It works together with all third party compilers and can be integrated to editors and CASE-Tools. The complete GUI can be customized comfortably to the requirements of each project. A powerful, easy script language supports you to change the GUI, run test programs or automate command sequences. No other system offers more flexibility.

The Instruction-Set simulator for PPC cores allows assembler and HLL debugging on C or C++ level also for optimized code. An unlimited number of software breakpoints is available and advanced breakpoint features make it simple to break even on complex conditions.

Furthermore, the TRACE32 IDE provides a trace for the Instruction-Set simulator to analyze the program-flow after program execution. This way, executed source code can be displayed together with data and time information. Using Context Tracking System (CTS) – Lauterbach’s state of the art analysis feature – clearly structured program flow, function nesting, timestamp and global as well as local variables will be evaluated and displayed. With CTS you can step your application forwards and backwards in time in order to look at former states of memory and registers.


  • Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
  • Easy HLL and assembler debugging
  • Integration to Editors, CASE Tools
  • Customizable windows
  • Interface to all compilers for C and C++


  • Powerful script language
  • Hardware simulation


  • Advanced support for breakpoints
  • Memory allocation Statistics with graphical displays
  • RTOS Debugger


All products are available.

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