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Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Vista, Linux, Workstations
Supported PowerPC Architectures: PowerPC, PQ, PQ2, PQ3, PPC75x, MPC74XX, MPC5xxx, PWRFicient, QorIQ

TRACE32 comprises a complete set of development and testing tools for the Power Architecture technology processors including PowerPC. The modularity of TRACE32-PowerTools allows the user to extend the debugger with a trace extension and logic analyzer tools. The trace extension provides full support for program flow, bus tracing or Nexus tracing.

TRACE32 works with a high variety of host interfaces. The communication link to the host is done by USB or Ethernet, allowing a high-speed data transfer. It is possible to share TRACE32 tools in a LAN of PCs and workstations.

TRACE32-PowerTools are controlled by TRACE32-PowerView, a powerful IDE allowing HLL debugging on C or C++ level and JAVA. It supports all third party compilers. TRACE32-PowerView allows unlimited software breakpoints and also supports the on-chip hardware break- and watchpoints. A fast flash programming utility is included. The comfortable graphical user interface is completely configurable by the user. No other system offers more flexibility.


  • Interface to all compilers for C/C++ and Java
  • RTOS awareness and FLASH programming
  • Cache debugging and MMU support
  • Multiprocessor/Multicore support
  • Trace extension (parallel and high speed serial traces)


  • Download speed up to 5 MByte/s
  • Display of internal and external peripherals at a logical level (peripheral browser)


  • Powerful script language
  • High-speed link via Ethernet, USB or LPT
  • Universal hardware for all supported debuggers


All products are available.

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