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Universal Debug Engine for Power Architecture®

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows
Supported PowerPC Architectures: PPC440, PPC460, MPC55xx, MPC56xx, SPC56x, e200 Core, MPC551x Dual Core

On Top Solutions for System Development
Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is a powerful development platform to develop, test and maintain microcontroller software applications.

UDE supports together with the UDE Access Device family various MCU cores and built-in Multi-core Debugging. State-of-the-art standard debug features are included. UDE provides deep-in support for all available on-chip debug resources and peripherals. UDE represents a completely new and unique debugger architecture concept, based on a customizable set of standard components and core specific add-ons.

Universal Debug Engine is designed for expandability. The UDE automation interface is based on Microsoft Windows Component Object Model (COM) and allows the control of the debug engine from inside and outside and the use of its functions by third party tools:

  • Run scripts inside and outside from the debugger e.g. for test automation of hard- and software.
  • Control the debugger via C/C++, Visual Basic or VBA from other applications e.g. MATLAB (MathWorks), Rational (IBM), Excel (Microsoft), Tessy (Razorcat).
  • Substitute the UDE desktop client by a customized desktop to fit the requirements of service tools.
  • Use UDE integration in Eclipse Development Environment.

FLASH/OTP Programming In-System
Universal Debug Engine integrates High-Speed FLASH/OTP Programming Support – UDE MemTool for internal FLASH/OTP, external FLASH EPROMs (AM29F xxx and i28F xxx family) and any other JEDEC-compatible FLASH.



  • Variable Length Encoding (VLE) technology support
  • PowerPC eTPU support, MPC551x Dual Core support
  • Flexible graphical display of complex target program data from process environment
  • Nexus class 3 trace support
  • Simple, complex and data breakpoints, Variable tracing


  • C/C++ compiler support for GNU, WindRiver® Diab, Freescale Metrowerks™
  • Linux, CMX RTOS and µC/OS-II support


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Development, Test and Maintenance of Power Architecture applications

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