Highlights of Power Architecture® Technology Differentiation

With a powerful instruction set, multicore capabilities, virtualization and best-in-class ecosystem, Power Architecture technology is a stand-out.

Power Architecture® processing technology is the common thread for a very broad range of devices, from 32-bit micro­controllers to 64-bit ASICs. A ubiquitous architecture, more than a billion Power Architecture technology-based chips have been built into electronics equipment since 1991. and its members further advanced Power Archi­tecture technology, completing a number of vital initiatives including Power ISA standards, hypervisor, virtualization and energy management, enabling the highest performing processors and cores for the server and embedded space.
Advancements in the Power Architecture technology con­tinue to provide designers and developers with scalability, reliability and flexibility needed in their diverse markets. Moving forward, Power Architecture technology’s focus on energy management, multicore/virtualization, SoC platforms and software development environments will enable Power Architecture technology to continue to be aubiquitous architecture in the industry, helping drive many new and exciting applications.

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Pisscataway, NJ, 08854

tele: 732.465.5893
fax: 732.909.2677

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