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RF & Microwave Systems Tech Videos

  • Cost-Effective Millimeter Signal Analysis Approaches | Agilent Technologies

    This video was provided by's coverage of IMS 2012 in Montreal. Material was created by Ben Zarlingo and presented by Bruce Erickson of Agilent Technologies.

  • IMS 2012 Keynote on Integrating Design and Test

    Dr. Mark Pierpoint delivers the IMS2012 MicroApps Keynote address: As global competition increases, the need to produce the next state-of-the-art product faster has driven changes in how EDA and test instrumentation work together. Gone are the days when a design could be thrown over the wall to production. The next generation of communications protocols have barely been labeled "standards" when products using them have hit the streets. To produce better communications products faster requires that the line between EDA and test be blurred and new synergies between them created...

  • Parasoft approaches comprehensive testing for embedded software

    The explosive growth of portable and wireless technology is a driver for similar growth in embedded software development....

  • Automating embedded software testing with Electric Cloud

    The problem comes in when you are not a software-centric company. The 2012 UBM Embedded Market Survey showed that, for the first time, QA engineers are becoming a significant portion of embedded software teams, and while the quality of debugging tools is still the top area for improvement, engineers seem to be getting more confident with what is available. However...

  • Using X-Parameters as an "Electronic Data Sheet"

    This video shows various simulations of two different X-parameters obtained from measuring two different amplifiers. It shows how simulations enable you to see in detail what performance you can expect from these amplifiers as well as what optimal load impedance you should present to them.

  • EMPro Overview

    EMPro is a 3D modeling environment that allows you to create 3D structures or import them from other CAD tools, then simulate with two different 3D EM simulators: Finite Element Method (FEM) and Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD). EMPro is part of the ADS design flow. You can place fully parameterized 3D EM components from EMPro onto and ADS layout and run full 3D EM simulations directly from ADS, to analyze interactions between the 2D layout and 3D components, packages, connectors, etc.

  • Wireless Backhaul Video

    Switch brings increased bandwidth to 4G Mobile Networks.