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IEEE-Commissioned Smart Grid Survey Conducted by Zpryme Indicates Strong Growth Potential for Energy Storage, Distributed Generation and Microgrids
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Recognize the Threat and Secure the Smart Meter
All About the Fifth Play, Smart Home and Smart Energy

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  • Improving Proximity and Touch Interfaces: Capacitive Sensors with Auto-Calibration

    Human interfaces that use capacitive sensors for proximity or touch control are changing the way we interact with electronics.

  • Making Energy Personal

    The power grid is becoming smarter and better equipped to keep up with user demand and reduce costs for utilities. While smart grid infrastructure is being updated to be more connected and efficient, it is essential that end users monitor and manage their own consumption in order to level demand and reduce overall usage.

  • Embedded Energy: Integrating Energy Storage for Power on Chip

    This paper introduces several new concepts for micro-power chip design. These concepts are based on the fundamental power distribution and energy storage techniques deployed in advanced power grid architectures.

  • Designing For Low Power

    Power consumption is becoming an increasingly important variable when it comes to calculating OPEX and carbon footprint for telecom infrastructure projects.

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  • Easily Add Wireless Connectivity

    Communications is the backbone of the global smart grid and Microchip Technology offers three mainstream communications technologies used for products in the home area network (HAN),

  • Energy Measurement for Every Occasion

    One thrust of the smart grid vision is bringing awareness of energy consumption to consumers. Next generation designs are incorporating energy measurement capabilities that range from

  • nanoWatt XLP eXtreme Low Power PIC® MCUs

    Applications in the energy market continue to push toward lower power consumption. For example, electric meter tracking time during a power outage, the battery powered gas or water

  • PIC® Microcontrollers for LCD Displays

    Microchip supports several families of microcontrollers with on-chip LCD driver control. The breadth of the LCD segment drivers, package sizes, and integrated features for energy applications

  • IXOLAR™ High Efficiency SolarMD

    IXOLAR™ SolarMD is an IXYS product line of Solar Module made of monocrystalline, high efficiency solar cells. The IXOLARTM SolarMD is an ideal for charging various battery powered

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