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Energy Measurement for Every Occasion

One thrust of the smart grid vision is bringing awareness of energy consumption to consumers. Next generation designs are incorporating energy measurement capabilities that range from simple measurements to revenue grade accuracy required by electric meters.

Lowest Cost
Applications capable of trading off measurement accuracy for the lowest possible cost benefit from Microchip’s line of MCUs with 12-bit ADC and external high precision op amps

Single Phase Measurement
Applications needing more accuracy can utilize the MCP39XX family of standalone 24-bit energy measurement ICs. The MCP3901 and MCP3911 deliver industry leading accuracy in energy measurement. Software for calculating energy algorithms is available on the Microchip website.

The PIC18F8XJ72 integrates the energy measurement IC with an 8-bit MCU for a single chip solution. Peripheral integration such as segment LCD, RTCC and 12-bit ADC enable this to perform system level command and control functions in addition to energy measurement.

Three Phase Energy Measurement
The MCP3903 is a 6 channel 24-bit ADC suitable for simultaneous measurement of current and voltage for 3-phases.


  • Industry leading accuracy with up to 95 dB SINAD, -107 dB THD, 111 dB SFDR
  • Internal PGAs per channel with gain of 32 V/V
  • Phase delay compensation between channels
  • Simultaneously samples all channels at once
  • Source code for energy calculation algorithms


  • 24-bit delta sigma A/D converters, 2-6 channels
  • Programmable data rate up to 128 ksps
  • SPI and/or pulse output interface
  • -40°C to +125°C operation


Integrated and standalone solutions available now. Free downloadable energy calculation software.

Learn more at: www.microchip.com/meters


Residential & Industrial Energy Monitoring Applications, Electric Meters, Smart Plugs, Smart Power Strips, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Smart Appliances

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