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nanoWatt XLP eXtreme Low Power PIC® MCUs

Applications in the energy market continue to push toward lower power consumption. For example, electric meter tracking time during a power outage, the battery powered gas or water meter with 15-20 year service life, or a battery operated in-home energy display with wireless sensors. To enable applications like these, products with Microchip’s nanoWatt XLP Technology offer the industry’s lowest currents for run and sleep, where extreme low power applications spend 90-99% of their time. Some nanoWatt XLP based families contain a Vbat battery backup for RTCC operation when primary power fails.

Many of these low power products need advanced peripherals. Microchip offers low power devices with peripherals like LCD, RTCC and mTouch™ capacitive sensing. This eliminates the need for additional parts in the application, saving cost a, current and complexity.

Products with nanoWatt XLP have system supervisory circuits specially designed for battery powered products.


  • The Deep Sleep Brown-out Reset protects applications when batteries are depleted or changed, yet consumes a tiny 45 nA of current.
  • The Real-time Clock Calendar is a fully independent module that is unaffected by device resets.
  • Using a dedicated on-chip oscillator, the WDT provides protection against system failure for around 300 nA with programmable time-outs lasting up to 25 days.


  • Sleep currents down to 9 nA
  • Brown-out Reset down to 45 nA
  • Watch-dog Timer down to 200 nA
  • Real-time Clock/Calendar down to 400 nA
  • VBAT with Real-Time Clock/Calendar
    down to 400 nA


Over 120 XLP PIC MCUs and the XLP 16-bit Development Board (DM240311) are available now. Download the free XLP Battery Life Estimator to optimize the battery life in your next low power design.

Learn more at: www.microchip.com/XLP


Metering: Electric, Gas, Water, Heat
Consumer Awareness: In-home Energy Displays, Remote Sensors, Electronics and Appliances, Energy Aware Thermostats
Off-grid Solar Products: LED Lighting, Wireless Communications, Signage

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