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PIC® Microcontrollers for LCD Displays

Microchip supports several families of microcontrollers with on-chip LCD driver control. The breadth of the LCD segment drivers, package sizes, and integrated features for energy applications gives the designer flexibility to create different solutions based on the demand of varying market segments all from a single design.


Performance 16-bit PIC24 Solutions
(PIC24FJ128GA310 Family)

This family of 16-bit LCD devices provides 16 MIPS of performance with more peripherals and power savings features including:

  • Up to 480 LCD segments
  • Drive LCD in low voltage sleep mode for significant power savings
  • 64/128 Kbytes Flash program memory
  • VBAT Battery Back-up
  • 12-bit ADC
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit for capacitive touch or sensor interface

Enhanced Mid-Range Solutions (PIC16F1947 Family)
These LCD MCUs provide excellent Low power capabilities, high LCD pixel count, lots of peripheral and memory integration and a very competitive price point. Features include:

  • 60-184 LCD segments with a low power drive mode to save batteries or lower power consumption
  • 7/14 Kbytes Flash program memory (read/write capable)
  • 256 bytes data EEPROM
  • Low-power nanoWatt XLP Technology
  • 49 easy-to-learn instructions
  • I²C™/SPI/EUSART serial communications
  • 28/44/64-pin packages

Performance PIC18 Solutions (PIC18F87K90 Family and PIC18F87J90 Family)
The PIC18 LCD MCUs offer greater memory density and higher pin counts to meet the demands of more complex segmented LCD applications with features including:

  • 128-192 LCD segments
  • 8-128 KB Flash program memory
  • Advanced instruction set optimized for code efficiency, performance and use with C
  • I²C, SPI, UART serial communications
  • 64 and 80-pin package options


All of these PIC Microcontrollers for LCD Display are available today from Microchip.

Development tools for LCD based designs include the LCD Explorer Development Board (DM240314) for the PIC24FJ128GA310. The PICDEM™ LCD 2 Demo Board (DM163030), features the PIC18F87J90 with plug-in modules available for evaluating additional PIC16 and PIC18 MCU families.

Learn more at: www.microchip.com/LCD


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