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Accessory Development Kits for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Microchip’s accessory development kits make it easy to develop an accessory for iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Benefits of Microchip’s development kits include:

  • Library that complies with latest iOS specs
  • Library support for wired and wireless connectivity
  • Firmware update or bootloader through application

General Purpose Accessory Development
New accessories are emerging in diagnostics, sports, fitness, wellness, financial transactions and other markets. The accessory development kits enable designers to evaluate and develop end‑products that meet functional complexity, form factor, connectivity and power requirements.

Low Cost, Fixed Function Solutions

  • Very small firmware footprint
  • USB pass-through enabling (as supported)
  • Fast battery charging
  • Remote functions enabled
  • Audio/video input and output
  • PIC12 or PIC16 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs)

16-/32-bit PIC MCU Accessory Development Kits

  • 16-/32-bit PIC MCU Plug-in Module
  • User interface switches and buttons
  • Power and charger circuitry
  • Audio/video input and output
  • Expansion capability with Microchip’s PICtail™ Plus connector

Microchip’s Made-For-iPod (MFi) Library for iPod, iPhone and iPad
accessory_dev_1 The library handles the proprietary communication protocol as part of the Apple’s MFi licensing program. In addition, the installation provides source code examples for using the library on PIC® MCUs or dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). It also provides source code for iPod application examples.

Key Features:

  • Support for UART, USB and Bluetooth communication protocol abstraction with iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Bootloading capability from the iPhone application
  • Digital audio support


High Definition Audio Playback
Many of today’s audio docking designs are moving toward digital USB audio. It delivers superior sound quality, and allows designers to aim for higher levels of measured and sonic performance through their designs. Microchip offers digital audio playback development kits and libraries to speed time-to-market and reduce cost and complexity.

PIC32 Digital Audio Playback Development Kit

  • Brilliant 16-bit color display
  • On-chip audio SRC
  • MP3 decode
  • Supports 8/16/24/44.1/32/48 kHz audio sample rate
  • 80 MIPS 32-bit PIC MCU with 512 KB Flash

How Do I Start?

  • Schedule a demonstration with your Microchip Sales Representative
  • Enroll in Apple’s Made-for-iPod (MFi) licensing program
  • Download the free Microchip MFi Library from Apple’s authorized MFi component distributor
  • Purchase development kit(s) at Apple’s authorized MFi component distributor
  • Contact applesupport@microchip.com for additional questions

Contact Information

Microchip Technology Inc.

2355 W. Chandler Blvd.
Chandler, AZ, 85224

tele: 480.792.7200
toll-free: 888.MCU.MCHP
fax: 480.792.7277

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