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8-bit USB PIC Microcontrollers from Microchip

As USB reaches ubiquity in the Personal Computing market, it has also become a widely accepted communications interface for embedded applications. With the advent of inexpensive USB microcontrollers, the availability of free software enabling fast development, and the vast installed base of USB-connected consumer devices, the interface has become the de-facto standard for off-board serial communication. Microchip offers a wide variety of highly integrated 8-bit MCUs designed to add cost-effective USB device capability to any application.


  • USB 2.0 Compliant Full/Low Speed Interface ensures compatibility with all standard communication classes
  • Flexible Input Voltage Options allow many of our USB MCUs to operate from battery power up to 5.5 Volts
  • Available Clock Recovery Feature provides USB accuracy from the internal oscillator, thus eliminating cost and board space
  • On-board Analog and Signal Generation modules enable USB PIC(R) MCUs to incorporate many system features, such as charging and power supply control circuitry.
  • mTouch™ Sensing Solution Ready 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers contain all hardware necessary to easily integrate capacitive touch buttons, sliders, keys, or proximity sensors into your embedded system


  • Full Speed USB Device Mode
  • 8–128 KB Flash, 512B–4 KB of RAM, up to 12 MIPS performance
  • On-board UART, SPI/I²C™, CTMU, and Analog modules
  • Available in 20/28/44/60/80/100-pin packages




A comprehensive portfolio of 8-bit PIC MCUs with USB is available now. The following is a list of featured devices. PIC16F1459, PIC18F14K50, PIC18F26J50, PIC18F27J53 PIC18F46J50, PIC18F47J53, PIC18F67J50, PIC16F86J55, PIC18F87J50, PIC18F97J94.

All devices in Microchip’s 8-bit USB portfolio are supported by the Microchip Application Libraries (MLA), MPLAB® X IDE, and the MPLAB XC8 compiler. For a complete list of available products and tools, please visit www.microchip.com/8bit.


  • Industrial: Security Panels, Data Loggers
  • Consumer: Printers, Thermostats, Door Locks, Portable handheld devices
  • Medical: Blood Pressure Metering, Glucose Metering, Pedometers

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