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External USB Bridges from Microchip

Microchip’s USB bridges enable systems designers to implement USB connectivity without having to have much knowledge about the protocols themselves. For most applications, connectivity to industry-standard protocols are required to transmit/receive data to and from other systems but are not necessarily the key value-add functionality. By providing a simple way to add USB connectivity to their systems, it enables them focus more on implementing their value-added functionality in their systems.


  • Complete Plug and Play Solutions – Evaluation board and supporting software provide an “out of the box” solutions minimizing design time or required engineering expertise.
  • General Purpose I/O GPIO Offers Much Flexibility
    • General purposes I/O that can be configured as standard digital I/O pins or a number of alternate chip configurations. This can help to simplify designs allowing for pin function flexibility.
  • Small Form Factor Increasing Ease of Adding to Existing Systems – Very small footprint packages including 20-pin SSOP and 5 mm x 5 mm 20-pin QFN takes up minimal additional board space for adding USB connectivity to existing systems.


  • MCP2200 USB-to-UART Serial Converter
    • Implements USB Protocol Composite Device
      Class 02h – USB to UART comm and I/O control Class 03h – HID: I/O Control, EEPROM access
    • Fully configurable VID and PID
    • Eight General Purpose I/O pins
    • 256 Bytes of user EEPROM
  • MCP2210 USB-to-SPI Protocol Converter
    • Human Interface Device (HID) device
    • Fully configurable VID and PID
    • Nine general purpose I/O pins
    • 256 bytes of user EEPROM


MCP2200 USB to RS232 Demo Board (MCP2200EV-VCP) The MCP2200EV-VCP is a USB-to-RS232 development and evaluation board for the MCP2200 USB-to-UART device. The board allows for easy demonstration and evaluation of the MCP2200. The accompanying software allows the special device features to be configured and controlled. The board is powered from USB and has a test point associated with each GPIO pin. In addition, two of these pins are connected to LEDs which can be used to indicate USB-to-UART traffic when the associated pins are configured as TxLED and RxLED pins respectively. MCP2210 Evaluation Kit (ADM00421) The MCP2210 Evaluation Kit is a development and evaluation platform for the MCP2210 device. The MCP2210 Motherboard is designed to work together with the MCP2210 Breakout Board. The motherboard provides the test points needed for measurements and it also contains the following SPI slave chips:

  • MCP23S08: 8-bit I/O expander
  • MCP3204: 4 channel, 12-bit ADC
  • 25LC02: 2kbit EEPROM
  • TC77: Temperature sensor All the mentioned chips are SPI slaves controlled by the MCP2210.

The MCP2210 Evaluation Board Demo software can be used to demonstrate the MCP2210 as a USB-to-SPI (Master) device and allow I/O control. In addition, the MCP2210 Utility software allows custom device configuration. A DLL package is also available in order to allow development of custom software using the MCP2210.


  • Industrial control and medical systems requiring data storage or transfer
  • Consumer: Digital cameras, set-top boxes, mobile phones, MP3 players, external hard drive, tablets, multi-meters, data loggers
  • Automotive: Instrument cluster, infotainment

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