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VITA 62 Power Supplies: Filling a Standards Gap for 3U VPX Systems
PCIe Follows USB 3.0 to Mobile Applications
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  • Software Defined Radio Handbook, Ninth Edition

    Pentek offers board and system-level SDR products that include digital downconverters, upconverters and transceivers for a complete SDR solution.

  • VPX for High-Performance Avionic Computers

    Traditional high-performance computing platforms are limited by the connection bandwidth and latency between the multiple computing elements needed to achieve the performance targets. For the embedded market, the difficulty is compounded by the demanding environmental requirements. The VPX standard resolves this limitation with a large number of high-throughput point-to-point connections between the processing elements in a rugged mechanical structure.

  • OpenVPX System Bandwidth: A comparison of 10Gb Ethernet Performance, Serial Rapid IO, and InfiniBand

    This paper compares the bandwidth available to two common types of dataflow for systems based on the VITA 65 CEN16 central switched topology, using three different fabrics – Serial RapidIO (SRIO), 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), and Double Data Rate InfiniBand (DDR IB).

  • Packaging of Rugged COTS Systems

    The benefits of rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computing systems are many: access to the latest technological breakthroughs; lower prices due to mass produced components; plus the resulting savings in time to market and technical risk.

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  • 4 Channel 200 MHz 16-bit A/D with Virtex-7 FPGA VPX Onyx™ Board (Model 53760)

    VME bus Variant: VPX Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, VxWorks Compatible Architecture: XMC, cPCI, PCIe, Rugged Model 53760 is a member of the Onyx™ family

  • RIOV-2478

    VME bus Variant: OpenVPX Compatible Operating Systems: VxWorks, VxWorks 653, Linux Compatible Architecture: 3U OpenVPX, XMC The RIOV-2478 is a conduction-cooled Freescale

  • Elma Rugged ATR Platforms

    Supported Architectures: VME, VXS, and VPX; CompactPCI and MicroTCA Elma’s families of rugged ATR (Air Transport Rack) platforms provide an extensive selection of Convection,

  • 717 Series Air-Over Conduction Cooled ATR Enclosures

    Compatible Architecture: VME, VME64x, VXS, VPX and CPCI architectures The 717 Series is available in standard ARINC sizes that include 1/2 ATR Short to 1-1/2 ATR Long and any custom

  • VME RAIDStor

    Elma’s VME RAIDStor brings conduction cooled network attached storage (NAS) with RAID capability into a single 6U slot. Suitable for a multitude of applications, the module provides

  • Mupac 760 Small Form Factor Series

    Designed to deliver mission-critical computing performance in a fully portable enclosure - ideal for rugged small spaces. Building on SIE Computing Solution’s 40-year history

  • VPX-300 3U VPX Reference Development Platform

    Architectures Supported: VPX, OpenVPX The VPX-300 is a pre-configured development platform for next gen designs needing high band width computing performance, such as radar signal

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