ADM-XRC-7K1 Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA COTS Board

The ADM-XRC-7K1 provides the designer with all the tools they need to create their designs using the latest FPGA from Xilinx, the Kintex-7.

Knowledge of PCI Express is not essential. The PCI Express bridge and the ADMXRCGen3 SDK provide a higher level interface freeing the designer to concentrate on the application.

The SDK provides drivers for Microsoft Windows, Linux and VxWorks along with an API that simplifies the software development task.

The ADM-XRC-7K1 provides flexible I/O capability using Alpha Data XRM I/O modules covering everything from Analog to Digital convertors to High Speed Optical transceivers.

If you require CameraLink, use one of the Alpha Data Cameralink modules and the Alpha Data CameraLink SDK. The SDK contains an example design that can be used as the basis for your designs.

The SDK also provides a solution for connecting AXI4 compliant interfaces to the ADM-XRC-7K1 bridge interface.

The ADM-XRC-7K1 is suitable for the following:

  • Image Processing
  • Financial Modelling
  • Electronic Intelligence
  • RADAR/SONAR Beamforming
  • Data Encryption

and many other applications.

Contact Information

Alpha Data

3507 Ringsby Court Suite 105
Denver, CO, 80216

tele: 303-954-8768

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