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DesignWare Wireless USB Device Controller

Wireless Standards Supported: based on the Certified Wireless USB specification from the

Synopsys DesignWare® Wireless USB (WiUSB) Controller IP, based on the Certified
Wireless USB specification from the USB-IF, provides designers with a high-bandwidth WiUSB
IP core for SoC integration. The WiUSB Controller enables a wide range of portable
electronics or PC peripherals
the ability to connect without the need for cables and delivers conservative timing for
implementation into a broad range of ASIC and FPGA technologies.

The full-featured, synthesizable DesignWare WiUSB Controller
is designed to the WiMedia Alliance Ultra-wideband (UWB) Common Radio Platform and
includes all the digital logic required to integrate Certified Wireless USB IP into your
design. It includes a WiMedia MAC-PHY interface to enable interoperability with standard,
discrete WiMedia PHYs. In addition, the AMBA® 2.0 AHB™ interface in the
DesignWare WiUSB Controller allows for fast system integration.

Synopsys designed its DesignWare WiUSB IP core using low-power flows and a low-power
architecture to minimize area and power consumption. An extensive verification
process, which includes simulation and hardware interoperability testing, enables Synopsys
to deliver a high-quality IP core, which lowers overall integration risk and speeds time
to results. As a technical contributor to the Certified Wireless USB specification and a
Member of the WiMedia Alliance standards committee, Synopsys focuses on delivering the
highest quality, interoperable wireless USB IP for our customers.


Available now.


  • Includes WiMedia MAC-PHY Interface for compatibility
    with standard WiMedia PHYs; Optimized architecture for small die area and low power
  • Synopsys coreConsultant tool enables easy configuration;
    AHB interface allows for efficient system integration
  • Extensive verification process ensures low integration
    risk; Supports WiMedia Ultra-wideband Common Radio Platform
  • Modular design for power savings in all layers;
    Adjustable FIFO sizes to tune for performance or die area to focus on throughput or cost
  • Verilog RTL source code, designed specifically for
    Wireless USB


  • AES-128 bit encryption block for:

    CCM encryption and decryption using the AES-128-bit encryption hardware block and Wireless
    USB MIC generation and checking
  • WiMedia packet processing including error checking; Power suspend to maximize power
    conservation, while keeping the core active
  • Support for Wireless USB; Distributed Reservation Protocol (DRP) support
  • Standard MAC PHY interface for connection to external discrete PHYs or internal
    integrated PHYs
  • Supports WiMedia Multi-Band Orthogonal Frequency
    Division Multiplexing

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700 E. Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA, 94043

tele: 650.584.5000

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