TeamF1, Inc.

Managed Access Point Solution

Wireless Standards Supported: 802.11 a/b/g/Draft N, 802.11e, 802.11f, 802.11h, 802.11i,
802.1x, WPA/WPA2 and other IEEE 802.11 standards

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, VxWorks, Nucleus, other embedded OS

TeamF1’s Managed Access Point Solution is a comprehensive
turnkey Wi-Fi® Access Point and router software package that combines a rich set of
field-proven, standard components with an array of customizable options to provide
OEMs/ODMs the ultimate in product flexibility.

A member of TeamF1’s SMBWare™ family of innovative
prepackaged solutions, the Managed Access Point Solution enables OEMs/ODMs to deliver
leading-edge 802.11 a/b/g/n devices to the small-to-medium business (SMB) market in record
time at far less risk than traditional
development approaches. Devices built around the Managed Access Point Solution offer
end-customers advanced wireless security; easy-to-use device management
features; and multiple add-on options for VPN, Firewall, NAT and authentication

TeamF1’s Managed Access Point Solution also includes Krypto-Lite, TeamF1’s FIPS-certified
common crypto framework, along with a suite of encryption and integrity
components to secure and manage wireless traffic. Krypto-Lite allows the seamless
integration of other optional security protocols developed by TeamF1 such as SSL/https,
SSH and IPsec/IKE to meet additional security
requirements common in managed gateways.

The Managed Access Point Solution allows embedded device OEMs to bring wireless AP-based
products to market faster than ever before, combining a rich feature-set with the latest
security technologies.


Business-class WLAN AP appliances, Combined secure wired and wireless devices,
Multi-functional SMB security



  • Support for multiple simultaneous radios and multiple
    LAN interfaces enables robust enterprise-grade AP features
  • Concurrent support of various generations of 802.11 security (WEP, WPA, WPA2) in
    Personal and Enterprise
  • VLAN aware multiple Virtual Service Sets / Virtual AP enables delivery of services of
    various types/quality or from multiple providers on the same physical AP
  • Quality of service features including 802.1p and IEEE 802.11e / WMM ensure
    prioritization of delay-sensitive
    wireless traffic
  • Support for advanced technologies including WDS, mesh extensions and RSTP


  • Standard, field-tested software solution in a production-
    ready custom package, with all hardware integration, porting, testing, and validating
    by TeamF1
  • Comprehensive IEEE 802.11 standards support
  • Advanced security including WEP/WPA/WPA2 (802.11i) in personal mode and Enterprise
    modes, MAC Access List and Rogue Access Point Detection
  • Friendly browser-based remote web-management provided by interfaces that utilize an
    step-by-step wizard for simpler configuration
  • SNMP and powerful command line interface (CLI) for configuring and monitoring the device
    and to automate
    common tasks

Contact Information

TeamF1, Inc.

39159 Paseo Padre Parkway
Suite 121
Fremont, CA, 94538

tele: 510.505.9931 x5
fax: 510.505.9941

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