AMCC is the world leader in supplying host processor System on Chip (SoC) solutions for
Enterprise class wireless Access Points. The PPC405EX combines the proven performance
of the market leading PPC405 processor with a high performance suite of peripheral and
memory interfaces, including PCI Express, USB1.0 Onthe-Go, DDR2 and Gigabit Ethernet. The
PPC405EX also incorporates the industryís most advanced security engine, featuring
header/trailer processing capability and support for a broad range of security protocols,
including IPSec, SSL, DTLS, and SHA-1/2. The PPC405EX SoC is designed in a 90nm process,
delivering a top end speed of up to 667MHz, and consumes less than 2.5 watts under typical
operating conditions1. The PowerPC 405 core has been optimized for system-on-a-chip
designs requiring performance, low cost, and low power consumption. Performance is
enhanced by using separate instruction and data cache. A 5-stage pipeline further boosts
performance by offering single cycle execution
of most instructions, including loads and stores. The PPC405EX integrates the advanced
EIP-94 security engine from SafeNet. This security engine attaches directly to the PLB4
bus for the fastest possible throughput between the PPC405 processor, memory, and the
security engine itself.

  • Technology

    – 27 MM2 TE-PGBA
  • Performance (estimated)

    – 252 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 333 MHz

    – 632 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 667 MHz
  • Frequency

    – CPU: 667 MHz Maximum

    – PLB: 200 MHz Maximum

    – External Bus: 83 MHz Maximum
  • Case Temperature Range

    – Industrial Range: -40C to +85C

    – Extended Range: -40C to +105C
  • Packaging

    – 388-pin TE-PBGA 27mm – 27mm (with 1mm ball pitch)


  • The controller supports both DDR1 and DDR2,
    either x16 or x32 modules. It supports addresses up
    to 2 GBytes. It is 16-bit/32-bit programmable with
    optional ECC. It provides two chip selects, 3.2 GB/s
    throughput, and self refresh support.
  • EBC operates at up to 83MHz. It provides 16- or 32-
    bit data bus, 28-bit address bus, 8 chip selects, and
    bus arbitration for ample space and flexibility for
    large amounts of RAM, nonvolatile memory, and
    external peripherals/ASICs.
  • A Gigabit Ethernet MAC is integrated onchip,
    making this an ideal processor for applications
    requiring an Ethernet connection.
  • One USB 2.0 On-the-Go port is integrated on-chip.
    Full Speed (484 Mbps and high speed support.
    Internal DMA to optimize performance and offload
    the CPU
  • Two UARTs (one with full
    hardware modem flow control), watchdog timer,
    and a 4-channel DMA controller capable of
    transferring data to/from any PLB and OPB slave,
    including the OCM and external bus.

Industrial automation, test & measurement,building management, security and retail
systems, Internet appliances,
and USB peripherals.


Sept. 2007

Contact Information


215 Moffet Park Drive
Sunnyvale, CA, 94089

tele: 858.450.9333
toll-free: 800.840.6055
fax: 858.450.9885

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