The PowerPC 405EZ embedded 32-bit RISC processor provides a low power, small footprint
system-on-a-chip solution for a wide range of high performance, cost-constrained embedded
applications.It is an easily programmable general-purpose 32-bit RISC embedded processor
that offers an ideal upgrade path for applications
currently using 8-bit, 16-bit, RISC, or DSP MCUs needing performance and connectivity

Implemented in the scalable PowerPC Architecture, the PPC405EZ processor delivers up to
632 DMIPS while maintaining code compatibility with other PowerPC processors
for ease in migration and fast time-to-market. Unique features include an external bus
optimized for high performance, low power CellularRAMs, the Chameleon
Timer(c)/PWM, and an IEEE1588 PTP controller that is tightly coupled to the Ethernet port,
analog functions, and other on-chip functions to optimize performance and eliminate CPU
involvement in capturing, triggering and timestamping real-time events in devices deployed
across entire networks.

With speeds of up to 416 MHz, a flexible on-chip and off-chip memory architecture, a
unique combination of ADC, DAC, IEEE1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) controller,
configurable Chameleon Timer©/PWM, and a diverse connectivity package, the PowerPC
405EZ embedded processor provides a low power and small footprint system-on-a-chip
solution for a wide range of high performance,
cost-constrained embedded applications.

  • Technology
    – 130 nm CMOS

  • Performance (estimated)

    – 252 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 166 MHz

    – 632 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 416 MHz
  • Frequency

    – CPU: 416 MHz Maximum

    – PLB: 166 MHz Maximum

    – OPB: 83 MHz Maximum
  • External Bus: 83 MHz Maximum

    – Power Dissipation


  • Speed (frequency): Up to 416 MHz

    – Performance: 1.52 DMIPs/MHz (632 DMIPS @ 416 MHz peak)

    – 32 Kbytes of on-chip SRAM memory (OCM)

    – On-chip NAND Flash Controller

    – Supports 128 MB of external RAM when using 128 Mb devices
  • External Bus Controller supports ROM, EPROM,CellularRAM,

    – PSRAM, SRAM, Flash, and peripheral I/O devices; 16- or 32-bit data

    – bus with bus arbitration
  • DMA Controller with four independent channels supports

    – transfers between all PLB slaves, including SRAM, internal UARTs,

    – and devices on the external bus
  • One 10/100 Ethernet interface with MAC and MAL

    – IEEE1588 PTP controller

    – Configurable Chameleon Timer©/PWM and watchdog

    – 2 UARTs (one with full hardware modem flow control)

    – 2 CAN 2.0 channels
  • I2C (400 kHz) and multi-master SPI (50 MHz) Serial EEPROM

    – Controller

    – Boot-fromî sources: ROM, NOR Flash, NAND Flash, SPI

    – 54 GPIOs

    – Universal Interrupt Controller: 32 sources

    – JTAG and realtime trace support in processor core

Contact Information


215 Moffet Park Drive
Sunnyvale, CA, 94089

tele: 858.450.9333
toll-free: 800.840.6055
fax: 858.450.9885

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