Eurotech Inc.

RFID Edge Controller Industrial Compact Enclosure – RFID-EC-IC

Wireless Standards Supported: IEEE 802.11b, Zigbee

Compatible Operating Systems: Embedded Linux/Java and IBM embedded J2ME components

The RFID-EC-IC handles local management of RFID components together with other control and
acquisition elements in a harsh environment, and integrates the local information flow
into an organization’s enterprise infrastructure. Its software design and hardware
equip it ideally for this role.

The RFID-EC-IC interfaces to the individual devices (sensors,
discrete I/O, PLCs etc) within a production unit, warehouse or other working environment.
These can include new RFID products such as controllers, readers and printers as well as
existing legacy sensors and equipment. RFID-EC-IC incorporates IBM’s Websphere RFID Device
Infrastructure which renders their disparate interfaces into a common platform which in
turn integrates
with a remote IBM WebSphere RFID Premises Server. Users can set up a seamless control
strategy that brings both RFID and traditional control elements into the organization’s
enterprise infrastructure. Access to existing backend middleware components and business
IT applications is maintained as RFID-EC-IC becomes part of an end-to-end business

The RFID-EC-IC is a rugged enclosure containing a fan-less, disk-less very high MTBF
embedded hardware platform with multiple physical interfaces including 4xRS-232 ports,
1xRS-485 port, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, CompactFlash Type II socket and 2xUSB Host ports as
standard. A wide array of discrete I/O and expansion interfaces can be added to the
RFID-EC-IC using standard
PC/104 interface boards.


Available now.


  • Integration point for a variety of RFID readers, printers,
    and other infrastructure devices
  • Suitable for installation into harsh environments with limited space or ventilation
  • High MTBF embedded hardware platform with multiple
    physical interfaces and I/O expansion capability
  • Filters and aggregates RFID data to eliminate duplicate
    or false data reads from one or more readers, and identifies RFID events at the edge of
    the network
  • Messaging and event buffer helps to ensure delivery of RFID events to the Premises


  • IBM WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure V1.1 based on IBM’s Workplace Client Technology
    Micro Edition (WCTME)
  • 10-36VDC (10-25VAC) input voltage range with battery
    backup for 2 hours normal operation
  • Operates without fan or mechanical hard drive
  • 0 – 55°C operating temperature range
  • Integrates with IBM WebSphere RFID Premises Server V1.1


Interface to RFID infrastructures in warehouses, distribution
centers, manufacturing plants or other user environments

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Columbia, MD, 21046

tele: 1-888-941-2224
fax: 301-490-4582

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