SignalMaster Quad Virtex-4

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP

The SignalMaster Quad Virtex-4 cPCI development board allows users to develop and test DSP
algorithms, and perform hardware/software parallel design in real-time environment.
The SignalMaster Quad Virtex-4 consists of two clusters of two TMS320C6416 DSP and one
Virtex-4 LX FPGA. Each cluster can deliver up to 16,000 MIPS of DSP processing
power and up to 48 GMACS of FPGA-based DSP processing power, yielding a total of 32,000
MIPS of DSP processing power, up to 96 GMACS of FPGA-based DSP processing power.


  • Texas Instruments TMS320C6416 DSP

    – 1 GHz maximum (8000 MIPS peak)

    – 128-MB SDRAM per DSP
  • Xilinx LX Virtex-4 FPGA

    – 152,064 logic cells maximum

    – 96 XtremeDSP slices maximum

    – 128-MB DDR SDRAM per FPGA
  • RapidCHANNEL (8 LVDS data bits, 500 MHz DDR, and other CTRL lines)

    – 1-GBps inter-FPGA bus (2x, 1 RX and 1 TX)

    – 1-GBps bus to and from LYRIO+ interface of each FPGA

    – 2x, 1 RX and 1 TX)
  • Troubleshooting ports

    – Front panel JTAG connector to all DSP (1x)

    – Front panel JTAG connector to all FPGA (1x)

    – Onboard GPIO troubleshooting port (Mictor connectors,
    ATC2-compatible) (2x)
  • Mezzanine communications interface

    – LYRIO+ (2x)

    – Minimum 12 Gbps, full-duplex
  • cPCI interface

    – cPCI bus: 64 bits, 66 MHz or 33 MHz

    – cPCI local bus: 32 bits, 66 MHz


Available now.


  • Two Xilinx Virtex-4 LX FPGA that offer unsurpassed capabilities and high-performance
  • Four Texas Instruments TMS320C6416 DSP for unparalleled processing power
  • 128-MB SDRAM per DSP and 128-MB DDR SDRAM per FPGA allow heavier loads on the DSP and
  • Two inter-FPGA RapidCHANNEL connections for 8-Gbps, full-duplex communications between
    the FPGA
  • Best fixed-point performance on the market
  • Integrated to System Generator for DSP and Real-Time Workshop
  • An array of tools that allow model-based design flow with the popular MATLAB and
    Simulink programs.
  • Compatible with some of the most powerful integrated
    development environments on the market — Code Composer Studio and ISE Foundation.


FPGA/DSP-based development, real-time digital signal processing, telecommunications and
telephony, wireless communications, base station prototyping, video processing, DSP

Contact Information


2800 Louis-Lumière Street
Suite 100
Quebec, QC, G1P 2J7

tele: 418.877.4644
toll-free: 888.922.4644
fax: 418.877.7710

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