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SocketModem® CDMA

Wireless Standards Supported: CDMA2000 1xRTT

Compatible Operating Systems: Operating system independent

The SocketModem® CDMA embedded wireless modem is a complete, ready-to-integrate module
that offers standards-
based multi-band CDMA2000 1xRTT performance. This wireless modem is based on
industry-standard open interfaces and utilizes Multi-Tech’s universal socket design.

It integrates the controller, RF transceiver, and antenna interface into one module. This
integration requires low power, low real estate and provides an overall reduction
in costs. Provides faster time-to-market because it relieves the burden and expense of
obtaining CDG 1 and 2 network and RF approvals. It provides advanced management features
including phone book management,
fixed dialing number, real time clock and alarm management.

Interfaces easily with existing products through a standard
serial communication channel. The serial DTE channel is capable of transfer speeds to 230K
bps and can be interfaced directly to a UART or microcontroller. The on-board RF
transceiver interfaces with an antenna for direct connection to wireless SMS,
circuit-switched dial-up, or packet data networks. Also provides an onboard LED to display
network status.

Our Universal socket flexible com-port architecture provides
cellular, Ethernet, PSTN or Wi-Fi® network access with interchangeable modules.

Developers Kit: allows you to plug in the module and use it for testing, programming and
evaluation. Includes one development board with RS-232 DB-25 connector, universal
power supply, antenna and RS-232 cable.


  • Interchangeable socket modules using Universal Socket Connectivity
  • Quick-to-market solution
  • Global approvals
  • Short Message Services (SMS) and AT command compatible
  • CDG 1 and 2 network certified


  • Qualcomm® MSM6050 chipset
  • CDMA IS-95A, IS-95B backwards compatible
  • Dual-band 800/1900 MHz CDMA, 800 MHz or 800/1900 MHz with R-UIM support
  • Packet data up to 153.6K bps forward and reverse
  • Circuit-switched data up to 14.4K bps, Class 2.0 Group 3 Fax


Available now.


Appliances, asset tracking, ATMs, automotive, industrial/medical remote monitoring, remote
metering, security systems, vending, gaming and more.

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tele: 763.785.3500
toll-free: 888.288.5470
fax: 763.785.9874

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