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SocketWireless® Bluetooth®

Wireless Standards Supported: Class 1 Bluetooth V1.2 compliant module with a maximum range
of 100 meters (330 feet)

Compatible Operating Systems: Operating system independent

The SocketWireless® Bluetooth® adapter utilizes Bluetooth
technology to provide a secure, standards-based wireless connection between a host and
peripheral device. Providing wireless data transfer up to 100 meters, it completely
eliminates the need for serial cable connections.

With this adapter, you can eliminate the cable and connect
your peripheral devices effortlessly with a Bluetooth wireless network. In a
point-to-point connection, one adapter is embedded in a host device, such as a PC; the
other is attached to a serial peripheral device such as a bar-code scanner, receipt
printer or scale. Now you can use the wireless network to transfer information between the
host and the device for up to 100 meters.

This adapter complies with the Bluetooth specifications
for security and includes 56-bit encryption and 10 alphanumeric Personal Identification
Number (PIN) authentication. It utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
technology. In addition, it uses error correction schemes for guaranteed packet delivery.

It interfaces easily with existing devices through a standard
serial interface. The serial DTE channel is capable of transfer speeds up to 921.6 K bps
and can be interfaced directly to a UART or microcontroller.

Developer’s Kit: allows you to plug in the module and use it for testing, programming and
evaluation. The kit includes one development board with RS-232 DB-25 connector, universal
power supply, antenna and RS-232 cable.


  • Interchangeable socket modules using Universal Socket Connectivity
  • Quick-to-market solution
  • Global approvals
  • Secure and robust communication link
  • Creates wireless serial link transparent to application software


  • Serial interface supporting speeds from 1200 bps to 921.6K bps
  • AT command software interface
  • Hardware flow control
  • LED driver outputs for visual monitoring speed, link, activity, collision and duplex
  • Auto connect


Connecting to bluetooth-enabled devices, delivery trucks, emergency vehicles, gas pumps,
home healthcare,
outdoor signs and more.


Available now.

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