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SocketWireless® Wi-Fi®

Wireless Standards Supported: 802.11b

Compatible Operating Systems: Operating system independent

The SocketWireless® Wi-Fi® device server connects serial devices to an IP network
via 802.11b wireless networking. It enables you to build wireless networking into
virtually any device allowing for remote monitoring, control and configuration. The space
efficient module (1″ × 2.5″) integrates
a complete TCP/IP protocol stack, and can make your existing and next generation device

This device server is certified by the U.S. Federal Communications
Commission (FCC). The FCC approval is portable across any solution for which the module is
integrated, which means you can use the Multi-Tech license and bypass your own 802.11
regulatory product testing. This alone will save you valuable resources and dollars to
allow you to focus on your product’s core features,
and accelerate your time-to-market.

This device server interfaces easily with existing products
through a standard serial communication channel. The serial DTE channel is capable of
transfer speeds to 230.4K bps and can be interfaced directly to a UART or microcontroller.
It also provides two LED driver outputs for visual monitoring of link and activity.

Our Universal socket flexible com-port architecture provides
cellular, Ethernet, PSTN or Wi-Fi® network access with interchangeable modules.

Developer’s Kit: allows you to plug in the module and use it for testing, programming and
evaluation. The kit includes one development board with RS-232 DB-25 connector, universal
power supply, antenna and RS-232 cable.


  • Interchangeable socket modules using Universal Socket Connectivity
  • Quick-to-market solution
  • Global approvals
  • Complete serial-to-Wi-Fi wireless solution including network processor, media access
    controller and air interface
  • Flash memory to update firmware with the latest enhancements


  • Configuration and management via AT commands
  • Supports ad-hoc and infrastructure mode
  • Wi-Fi security using WEP
  • Serial interface supports DTE speeds to 230K bps
  • Two LED driver outputs for visual monitoring of link and activity


Appliances, ATMs, credit card/check verification, gas pumps, industrial/medical remote
monitoring, point-of-sale terminals, security systems, and more.


Available now.

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