Tundra Semiconductor

Tundra Tsi578 ™, Tsi576 ™, Tsi574™ Serial RapidIO® Switches

Tsi578, Tsi576, and Tsi574 Serial RapidIO Switches set industry benchmarks for high
performance and low power consumption through an innovative feature set. Providing up to
80Gbps aggregate bandwidth, the Tsi57x enables customers to develop high performance
systems for DSP processor and FPGA interconnect. The Tsi578 is also an ideal solution for
backplanes. Lowest power is enabled by configurable multiple port width and speed. The
Tsi578 can be configured as a 16-port x1 switch or an 8-port x4 switch (or combinations of
x1 and x4 ports). Each of the ports can also set to run at 1.25, 2.5, or 3.125 Gbaud.

New VITA standards 41-VXS and 46-VPX are using RapidIO bus as a high-speed data path in
parallel with VME bus for local and control plane traffic. RapidIO enables distributed
computing by making multiple processor architectures with globally shared memory easy to
implement. Tundra offers three generations of high performance, low latency RapidIO
switches with industry leading interoperability, configurability and lowest power per

Other features for the Tsi57x product family include; multicast, traffic management
through scheduling algorithms, programmable buffer depth, and fabric performance
control and monitoring.

  • Compliant to Rev1.3 of the RapidIO Interconnect Specification
  • Low Latency with cut-through capability
  • Extremely Flexible port Configuration – data rates from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps per port
  • High Performance Hardware Multicast
  • Full duplex, non blocking switch fabric


  • Best Overall System performance – Superior real time image processing resolution, size
    and frames per second in military and medical imaging systems
  • Lowest Power Dissipation (120-200 mW per port) – tunable power per port to optimize
    power for the application. With competing synchronous switches, all ports must operate at
    the frequency of the highest speed port resulting in higher overall power dissipation
  • System Level Design – requires only one clock input simplifying board design
  • Tsi57x family supports IEEE 1149.6 JTAG testing
  • Signal Integrity – superior signal integrity at the board and system level


Tsi578, Tsi576, Tsi574 are currently sampling. The Tsi568A™ and Tsi564A™ are in
production now.


Networking; Signal or Image Processing, Storage, Wireless
Basestation, DSP Aggregation, Military

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Tundra Semiconductor

603 March Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2M5

tele: 613.592.0714
toll-free: 800.267.7231
fax: 613.592.1320

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